Emerging as a highly vibrant and dynamic sector, the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) division has become significantly polarised within the last decade. Playing a crucial role in providing large employment opportunities at comparatively lower capital cost than large industries but also help in industrialisation of rural ideals, SME’s also play a significant role in India’s development with high contributions to production, location wise mobility and significant export earnings. And, with the Indian Governments MESMED Act in 2006 helping facilitate the development of these enterprises, the industry is backed with a legal framework, demonstrating the importance of SME’s and the fast development in the past decade.

To fully comprehend the data of increased SME development in India, the EVOMO India Journal describes there to be around ‘42Million registered and unregistered SME companies employing around 106million, this in return representing 40% of India’s workforce’. More recently however, the high Commission in 2015 launched the Access India programme to support the marker entry and investments by UK SME’s in India demonstrating the emerging importance of SME’s to the Indian Market. With such high number of SME companies in India’s market there are also growing IT departments alike. It could be suggested that not all IT departments within a company are fully equipped to recommend the best IT infrastructure for that business. Not always having the technical knowledge, by choosing the incorrect solutions, businesses are risking financial gains and cost implications as a result.

RTG helping Indian Businesses

Working in many different verticals, RTG clients range from Healthcare to Media and Entertainment, providing bespoke and cutting-edge solutions built from the ground up that are ready to ship on next day delivery, subject to availability, thanks to our network of partners across India. RTG understands and has experience in the constatantly evolving requirements for different industries, partnering with some of the most prestigious technical vendors, ranging from NVIDIA, Intel and Seagate, RTG servers are specifically built for the Indian market backed with 25 years of development and innovation. At RTG we recognise this rapid growth of SME’s and pride ourselves in pride ourselves.

It important to consider, if you’re an SME business pressing hard to raise your business into the medium business sector, having an affordable solutions system would be certainly on top of your list. Decreasing your expenditure, RTG severs are powerful, affordable built to be the backbone of your business. By choosing a solution that is affordable but also reliable means you can focus on growing your business and watching your client base grow.

Your Guarantees

It’s tough for entrepreneurs already without having to worry about the terms and condition of what your solutions cover and whether this works well for your business. As a trusted provider of a range of enterprise server and workstation solutions available on next day delivery, RTG have in total 6 vendor partners across India distributing our amazing solutions to SME’s all over the country. We pride ourselves on the quality and reliability of our customer service delivery the highest service possible. One of the best feature of our products is our warranty all covered by a 3-year next day warranty as standard.

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